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IP/MPLS is a mature yet complex technology with many configuration options. It is crucial to verify the individual network’s functionality, performance, and scalability before deployment. Proper quality of service and resiliency configuration is key to providing highly available business and consumer data services.

SDN aims to be a revolutionary way to make networks cost-effective, flexible and dynamic. The driving idea is to enable optimized, application-aware resource management in a transport network infrastructure. By decoupling the control functions from forwarding functions to offer a centralized view of the network, the network is directly programmable and the control plane can be centrally implemented at a few controllers. Each controller is designed to manage a large number of switches. 

EANTC has been among the forerunners in trying SDN with our first tests dating back as early as spring 2012. Our operational knowledge ranges from single-vendor to multi-vendor interoperability testing, from use case confirmation to protocol verification.

EANTC covers the following technology areas in the MPLS+SDN testing domains:

We carry the following activities in the MPLS+SDN network domain:

  • Testing: We do Proof of Concept (PoC) and Acceptance Test covering scale, performance, functionality, security, resiliency, and interoperability. EANTC tests are independent, and we design our test plans individually based on our customer's needs.
  • Network Audit: We will help you to find any failures in your network. You will have a unique opportunity to benefit from our many years of testing experience to enhance your existing MPLS design, routing and switching, Quality of Service, and performance.
  • 5G Transport Readiness: MPLS+SDN transport is one of the key enablers for the 5G network. We will support you to identify your network performance KPIs, asses the synchronization requirement and functionality of your MPLS nodes, and ensure that your network is ready to carry 5G use cases for now and the near future.

Customers have the following benefits from our MPLS+SDN testing and audit services:

  • Reduce implementation risks: Software-based network implementation leaves a big room of interoperability, security and performance issues comparing to the physical network. We help you to reduce your implementation risks with our intensive real case scenario testing and benchmarking.
  • Reduce OpEx cost: We will find the solutions defects and issues during the design and PoC phase, and this will allow you to solve these issues at an early stage which is saving time and resources.
  • We also reduce time and resources that service providers and enterprises spend by outsourcing all testing activities to EANTC with minimal involvement.
  • Enable 5G implementation: We support you to identify your networks KPIs needed for 5G use cases, then verify if your network is capable to achieve the performance numbers. If not, we provide you with gap analysis on how to reach to your goals in the most effective and affordable way.
  • Achieve network openness and improve network operations: We verify that your network programmability and manageability are achievable end-to-end through open API protocols like NETCONF/YANG models.