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Security function investments, in general, are a balance between conflicting goals: Implementations vary widely, data for decisions is not readily available, and the market is intransparent with lots of claims and paperwork analyses. Therefore, the need for a realistic assessment of security solutions is crucial. Network threats and volumetric attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated and require a high level of confidence in a solution's protection abilities.

The industries are challenged to select the right network security strategy and solutions for several reasons:

  • Internal threats matter too: While external risks are always a priority in data security, a potentially dangerous and insidious threat;an attack from within, is still ever-present. This can be caused by malicious intent or involved by careless negligence.
  • Network virtualization: Virtualized networks need to be protected by virtual firewalls. This is a question of the performance and functionality of the virtual firewalls in comparison with exiting implemented physical appliances.
  • Different roles of network security solutions: Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) can act as an SSL-inspection, Intrusion detection, Anti-virus, or UTM. Therefore, security administrators need to carefully design and test the right solutions considering the functions and performance it needs to play in the network.

Our network security services:

Whether you target data-center domain, NFV cloud domain, Internet Gateway domain, or SD-WAN security domain, we help you with the following services:

  • RFP Evaluation PoC: During your design and RFP evaluation phase, we compare between security solutions that you plan to acquire such as NGFW, IPS, UTMs, Content-filtering, AI-based malware detection, and DPI;
  • Proof of Operation and acceptance test: We develop and execute an acceptance test for the implemented solution independently. Our acceptance test ensures end-to-end integration, performance, and resiliency aspects for the security domain
  • Network security audit: On the running production network, we verify network security by understanding the specific network domain, then we design a tailor-made network security audit plan, and perform an end-to-end security compliance test

EANTC Network Security Test Differentiations:

EANTC is cooperating with NetSecOPEN to develop open standards in security product testing fo real-world network products. Our main differentiators are:

  • Real-world test based on customer's network: We combine legitimate traffic with attack traffic, emulating what happens in the real world
  • Combine functional security test with performance and scale: We create tens of millions of attacks per second and spoof hundreds of thousands of hosts
  • Use globally recognized test tools: We operate high-end equipment from leading test manufacturers. Our customers can reproduce the test results anytime
  • Tailor-made security test/audit: We use individually crafted attacks, we create the test plan and configure the attacks from scratch to challenge the tested networks

Enterprises and Service Providers Benefits:

  • Choose the best-of-breed from the network security solutions based on actual results
  • Conduct an independent network security test or audit, to ensure the compliance of your network security devices or services
  • Design your capacity plan. Using our performance security test, you will actually know the upper limit of your solutions so you can plan ahead
  • Reduce the risks by recognizing your vulnerabilities and solving them before the attacks breach the network