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MPLS SDN Interoperability Test 2021

Testing: Berlin, July 12-23, 2021

Virtual Congress: September 28-30, 2021

We invited all interested vendors to our Multi-Vendor MPLS SDN Interoperability Test Event in collaboration with the
MPLS SD & AI Net World Congress 2021. The virtual Congress will be held from September 28-30, 2021.
Our testing took place from July 12-23, 2021 in Berlin, Germany.

EANTC's test event is a well established event beneficial for small and large vendors alike. EANTC as an independent party creates an ecosystem to conduct testing in the most advanced application scenarios addressing service providers’ needs. We exhibit a tangible, lab-validated network showcasing mature as well as the latest advances in different technology areas.

This year, EANTC focused on 5G transport (slicing, edge computing), data center networking for cloud environment, integration of multiple transport domains (WAN, data center), and packet network synchronization.


Benefits of Participation

EANTC’s interoperability reports are respected by service providers, raising customer awareness of the state of implementation for innovative network concepts. We describe use case scenarios and design blueprints which service providers can adopt for their network designs. Our reports have helped to kick off network innovation projects, to fulfill RFP requirements with regards to interoperability, and to avoid individual PoCs covering similar technical questions. The initiative provides a unique opportunity to test and troubleshoot interoperability with third-party vendors in a friendly pre-production environment. Participating in the test event improves quality and reduces implementation time in customer projects.


Marketing and Publication

The results of this interoperability event are marketed:

  • White Paper - extensive, detailed description of all use cases, test setups and results (positive results by vendor/ solution name, negative results anonymously as "state of the industry"). It will be available free of charge on our website.
  • Multi-vendor Demos - video clips with live demonstrations recorded by participants and EANTC representatives
  • Press releases - by EANTC and participating vendors
  • Websites - by EANTC and participating vendors
  • Social Media (LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube)
  • EANTC Newsletter