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Carrier Ethernet Global Interconnect Test Program and Showcase

New York City, November 2-3, 2010
Phase 3

The European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC) in collaboration 
with ancotel and Light Reading successfully completed the third phase of our Carrier Ethernet Global Interconnect testing campaign. At exchange points in Frankfurt (Germany) and New York, we evaluated the 
interconnection of Carrier Ethernet production services of eight 
carriers: Beeline, Belgacom ICS, Expereo, Kazakh Telecom, Teragate, 
Tinet, VEGA Telecom and XO Communications. The interconnected networks covered an intercontinental footprint from the United States through 
Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom to Turkey and the Ukraine, enabling 
end-to-end Carrier Ethernet services to each region. 
At Light Reading's Ethernet Expo in New York (November 2/3, 2010), EANTC will showcase the progress achieved in Class of Service mapping and Bandwidth profile support as well as end-to-end Ethernet fault 
management across multiple service provider networks. 
The testing was supported by Alcatel-Lucent (7750 as interconnect 
fabric), MRV (customer-facing Ethernet demarcation units) and Spirent 
(TestCenter Live and TestCenter for service validation and load generation). 
While the staging involved substantial configuration efforts, services worked great in most cases in the end. The participating carriers 
excelled providing advanced Carrier Ethernet services in a market where most players are still advocating single-class, single-provider Ethernet private lines. Specifically, we were able to prove that end-to-end fault management worked across all providers; two participated actively and six enabled control protocol transparency. 
Detailed results are published in a white paper covering the following 

  • Checking liveliness of a service, using advanced Connectivity Fault Management (CFM) solutions
  • Monitoring the end-to-end performance of a wholesale Carrier Ethernet service, identifying bottlenecks
  • Creating class of service mappings and adhering to proper bandwidth profiles per class

The campaign kicked off with an initial showcase in February 2010. EANTC, together with ancotel and participating service providers, developed a comprehensive plan for the tests and demonstrations. Results of the first phase were publicly demonstrated live at Ethernet Wholesale Summit 2010 in Paris, February 9-12, 2010 and reported in an independent test report published by Light Reading.

Phase 2 results were released at Light Reading Ethernet Europe (London, April 2010).

Participants & Devices

Service Providers

Beeline EPL (Ethernet Private Line)
Expereo International
Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL)
TeraGate IntelligentEthernet
Ethernet Extension — EPL
Ethernet Private Line Service
XO Communications
Ethernet Hub/EPVL

Carrier Ethernet Exchanges

ancotel, Equinix

Vendor Sponsors

7750 SR-c12 (ancotel)
7450 ESS-7 (Equinix)
MRV Communications
Spirent Communications
Spirent TestCenter
Spirent TestCenter Live