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MPLS SDN World Congress, NFV & SDN Summit and V6 World Congress Public Multi-Vendor Interoperability Test 2015

Paris, March 17-20, 2015

The European Advanced Networking Test Center together with Upperside Conferences invited interested vendors to our public multi-vendor interoperability test and showcase at the MPLS SDN World Congress 2015.

Together with the NFV & SDN Summit and the V6 World Congress 2015 taking place at the same time, we presented the results live to the combined audience of all three conferences. Repeatedly, the joined events have proven to be one of the most important MPLS, SDN & IPv6 meeting points in Europe with around 1,400 delegates attending in 2015.

Cloud delivery and MPLS Core Simplification will be the major focus of the showcase:

  • Ethernet VPNs
  • SDN Controller Southbound Interfaces
  • Segment Routing, BGP Flowspec
  • LTE Clock Synchronization Readiness

The objective of the test was to verify protocol interoperability in a service provider oriented environment. The published results could be considered as your advanced blue-print scenarios proposed to your customers.

We provided a proof point for service provider that shows an innovative end-to-end concept of data center connectivity, orchestration and management. By presenting a realistic example of a next generation interoperable service provider network, participants demonstrated the maturity and applicability of their devices and solutions.

Please contact us (mplssdn2015-request(at) for more details.