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5G Benchmarking and Testing Services

EANTC specializes in end-to-end 5G testing covering both core and access sides. EANTC supports telecom operators with realistic 5G use case scenarios like Internet of Things (IoT), fixed wireless, eHealth, manufacturing, smart cities, and public protection and disaster recovery (PPDR). Deploying high-quality application services over 5G poses significant challenges for telecom operators: Much higher scale in throughput, a higher density of radio required, and end-to-end network slicing for different network flows. In 5G network implementations, telecom operators will do complex network upgrades and migrations from 4G to 5G as well as from Non-Stand-Alone (NSA) to Stand-Alone (SA).



5G Core (5GC) and 5G New Radio (5GNR)

Functionality and performance tests for 5GC 5GNR:

  • 5G NSA and SA core functions
  • 5G/4G radio access network based on O-RAN architecture
  • Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC)

Telco cloud NFV tests for network orchestration, NFVI performance, and 5G VNF workloads

Performance testing for the UPF on different interfaces (N3, N6, and N9)

Interoperability and integration tests for 5G core network easily with any other networks (wired or wireless) 

Network slicing end-to-end functionality, orchestration, and QoS

5G Transport Network

Gap analysis report and evolution plans for existing transport networks to be compatible with 5G transport requirements

Development of network KPIs to achieve 5G transport network performance scenarios, then test the network and ensure its compliance

Design support of edge data center for optimal locations and robust inter-connectivity

Design support and test clock synchronization quality of the transport network to achieve 5G strict synchronization requirements

5G Applications

End-to-end performance and capacity testing for Layer 7 applications

End-to-end resiliency testing for 5G applications

Development of network KPIs to achieve application requirements

Service providers benefit from EANTC 5G support services:

  • Reduce implementation risks: We help you to reduce your implementation risks with our intensive real case scenario testing and benchmarking.
  • Reduce OPEX costs: We will find solution defects and issues during the design and PoC phase. This will allow you to solve these issues at an early stage saving time and resources. We also reduce the time and resources that service providers and enterprises spend by outsourcing all test activities to EANTC with minimal involvement.
  • Enable 5G implementation: We support you to identify your networks KPIs needed for 5G use cases, then verify if your network is capable to achieve the performance numbers. 
  • Detect certain defects and scale limits much sooner: Connectivity, protocol, network topology