EANTC consulting is manufacturer neutral. This means we are objective. By going with EANTC, you will benefit from our considerable experience as an independent test center.

We will be at your side with advice throughout the entire life cycle of your network – from planning and ordering through testing and setup.

Quality breeds success - We provide excellence in objective network performance test including interoperability and conformance testing for network technologies and applications. Committed to the highest quality in testing, consulting and training for our clients, we provide you with objective and real facts you need when taking your decisions.

Our customers - We cater to the needs of international manufacturers, Internet service providers, carriers as well as large enterprises. EANTC's test facilities are vendor neutral.

Management - EANTC's joint managing directors are Carsten Rossenhoevel and Gabriele Schrenk.  Gabriele supervises finance and consulting while Carsten is responsible for research and development of test tools and  relationships with international customers. Chairman Herbert Almus, maintains EANTC's close relationship with the Technical University Berlin.

Ownership - We are a German public limited company (AG) located in Berlin. EANTC is not listed on the stock exchange. The senior management and a small minority of private investors hold all shares. We only issue registered shares with restricted transferability to ensure stability of this situation. 

Our history - In 1991, our Chairman Herbert Almus founded EANTC as part of the Interdepartmental Research Center for Networking and Multimedia Technology of the Technical University of Berlin (TUB), Germany.

In addition to research and development, EANTC tested and certified FDDI systems.

In 1993, we expanded our activities to include ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) and other high-speed networking technologies. Our highly practical seminars were particularly appreciated in the network technology sector. Almost all leading manufacturers of network components were our customers, and still are.

In 1999, we spun off from the TUB as EANTC AG. We have since extended our services to include distinctive areas such as Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), IP (Internet Protocol) switching, Triple Play, Voice over IP and mobile network technologies.

Renowned for our objective network technology expertise, we support manufacturers, service providers, carriers and enterprises.