Prototyping Tests - EANTC Know-how

Our prototyping tests will help you to select the right network components.

Minimize down time and avoid bottlenecks in your network
For you as a service provider, the quality and availability of your network is absolutely critical. Therefore, an extension of the network is always likely to be a risk. With prototype tests you can select the best technical equipment of vendors and verify it in advance.

  • We will determine whether the offered vendor solutions match your requirements and run comparative prototype tests.
  • We will ensure complete objectivity. This is achieved by our making all performance tests identical for all vendors and consequently, the best technical solution will be found.
  • Our performance tests will stretch your network with real world traffic streams based on operational data. The individual parameters for the traffic streams, for example the number of active users or the used protocols, will be agreed between us.
  • Through the use of different analyzers and load generators, the scalability of the network, VPN implementations, configurations with different class of service (CoS) groups and SLAs as well as availability and redundancy scenarios will all be verified.