Acceptance Tests

Do you plan to build or extend your network? We will evaluate the specific demands of the network, give you RFP (request for proposals) support and then both evaluate them and analyze your network design.

Are you ready to implement your new network?
With the help of our stringent, high-level network measurements

  • On the basis of simulated traffic profiles that represent possible future demands, we will evaluate the performance limits of your network and point out any bottlenecks or configuration issues in your infrastructure in advance.
  • Our experts will thoroughly accomplish network design tests, robustness and network performance tests by using highly advanced, specialised measuring equipment.
  • These performance tests can be implemented for data traffic as well as for voice and video traffic.

Our experienced EANTC engineers will prepare test plans and schedule and carry out the performance tests to ensure an in-depth testing of all devices in your network.

What EANTC will do for you...
We will guide you through all phases of a network - from the planning to writing the RFC to the testing.

Our clients include international Internet service providers, telecommunications companies and companies from a range of other sectors e.g. Banking, insurance, the automotive industry, and transport / logistics.