Exceptional Customer Service

Defining your own goals and requirements is imperative when planning a new network or extending an existing one. We are able to evaluate the specific demands you place on your future network and provide vendor-independent advice about setting up and extending your infrastructure.

Benefit from EANTC's advice
Every company has its own specific requirements. Standard network designs do not meet these needs exactly in all points. It is therefore critical to obtain expert support when it comes to defining the performance you require as well as the best possible advice when setting up or extending networks.

We will assist you in

  • evaluating the specific demands
  • RFP (request for proposals) support, technical writing for RFPs
  • analyzing and evaluation of RFPs
  • defining test plans

With our more than 20 years of practical experience, we support feasibility studies of different concepts and verify how they match with your requirements. Not being dependent on any manufacturers, we are able to guarantee you an objective analysis of your needs and the best technical solution for your network.

The EANTC way - available whenever you need us...
EANTC consulting is manufacturer neutral. This means we are objective. By going with EANTC, you will benefit from our considerable experience as an independent test center.

Technologies, products and requirements change but we don't. We remain your partner. EANTC can be at your side with advice throughout the entire installation cycle of your network - from the planning and ordering through to the testing and setup. All you need to do is ask us...