Data Center Systems


Load Balancers, Content Switches, Intrusion Prevention Systems and Firewalls are crucial components to protect and unload the company’s data service infrastructure (e.g. web services, web portals) and thus to avoid critical business interruption.

Our Performance Test Offer
We will test and verify your solution under realistic load conditions regarding

  • Availability & Resiliency
  • Scalability & Speed
  • Response Rate & Performance
  • Denial of Service Attacks

Customer Benefits

We will verify if your solution works reliably and performs according to your specifications. The results will offer you independent, unbiased evidence for internal network quality assurance and product verification.

Service Providers and EnterprisesYou will be able to optimally plan your investments knowing the real capacity limits as well as the ideal utilization of your setup.

Equipment Manufacturers
You will be able to offer better products meeting the individual requirements of your customers.

Basic Performance Test Package

  • Session Capacity and Session Rate Performance
  • Response Performance
  • Bandwidth Performance
  • Network Resiliency

Additional Performance Test Packages

  • DDoS Security Testing
  • HTTPS Performance Testing
  • Rule Set Based Performance