SD-WAN Consulting and Testing


The most important business drivers in SD-WAN are reducing the network connectivity service cost, flexible use of different WAN services like GPON, LTE/5G, MPLS, and xDSL, and the ability to scale the hybrid network on demand.

A broad range of SD-WAN solutions is offered in the market today. The challenge is to find solutions matching individual requirements and being ready for large scale and reliable deployment. 

EANTC guides our customers through the evaluation process speeding up the evaluation, supporting to choose the fittest and affordable solution, and reducing the implementation risks.

Our Proof of Concept (PoC) and acceptance tests are independent, and we design our test plans individually based on our customer's needs.

For Service Providers:
We do PoC tests to evaluate vendor solutions realistically during the RFP stage. This enables you to assess and choose the best SD-WAN solution that meets your own requirements. We also develop and execute acceptance tests to support your project's implementation and reduce configuration risks.
We cover the following test areas:

  • Scalability and performance
  • Advanced functionality
  • Security service performance
  • Resiliency and robustness
  • Traffic engineering and application-specific performance
  • Provisioning user experience
  • Manageability and integration into existing frameworks

We align test configurations with real deployment scenarios!


For Enterprises:

Whether you are choosing the self-operated model (implemented and managed by the enterprise) or the managed-service model (implemented and managed by the service provider), we can support you in either way.

If you choose the self-operated SD-WAN model, we help you to:

  • Conduct the technical requirement in the SD-WAN RFP
  • Evaluate the shortlisted vendors through a lab test, reflecting real-case scenarios
  • Recommend the best solution based on facts, not promises

If you choose the managed-service SD-WAN model, we help you to:

  • Conduct the technical requirement in the SD-WAN RFP
  • Evaluate the proposed solutions from the service providers as end-to-end connectivity in terms of functionality, performance, security and high availability
  • Run acceptance test for the implemented solution independently to ensure that you receive the actual promised Service Level Agreement (SLA) from the service provider