Test Programs


The multi-vendor, multi-lab NetSecOPEN initiative develops state-of-the-art, transparent and realistic network security performance benchmarks. EANTC contributes expertise towards transparent and realistic benchmarking methodology for application-layer firewalls, intrusion prevention and unified threat management.


Next-Generation Firewall Benchmarking Certification

We are pleased to announce the start of certification testing of next-generation firewalls (NGFW) in the NetSecOPEN initiative.

The certification enables vendors to receive an independent, realistic and transparent benchmark certification. EANTC has been accredited to test products under the auspices of NetSecOPEN.

All NetSecOPEN certification testing is based on draft-ietf-bmwg-ngfw-performance-00 co-authored by EANTC. We offer to conduct the following test cases:

  • 7.2 TCP/HTTP connections per second
  • 7.3 HTTP throughput
  • 7.4 TCP/HTTP transaction latency
  • 7.5 Concurrent TCP/HTTP connection capacity
  • 7.6 TCP/HTTPS connections per second
  • 7.7 HTTPS throughput
  • 7.8 HTTPS transaction latency
  • 7.9 Concurrent TCP/HTTPS connection capacity

Test cases 7.6…7.9 will be executed with one single cipher, as per NetSecOPEN certification guidelines (a subset of the four ciphers defined in the IETF draft).

Additionally, EANTC offers the following test areas, e.g.:

  • Benchmark tests with industry-specific traffic mixes (office perimeter, web filter, fixed network operator, mobile roaming gateway, and others)
  • Resilience against distributed denial of service attacks under load
  • Security effectiveness tests to evaluate how well the system under tests protects against diverse security vulnerabilities
  • Antivirus protection tests under load
  • HTTPS certificate validation tests under load
  • Virtualized and cloud implementation benchmarks beyond perimeter security, including cluster management aspects
  • Service chaining tests in data center and edge environments
  • Manageability tests for example relating to NETCONF/YANG device configuration; alarm management; performance monitoring

Have a look at the press release or get in touch if you would like to join the testing.