NFV World Showcase at the SDN & OpenFlow World Congress

Bad Homburg, Frankfurt, October 16 - 18, 2013

EANTC was pleased to invite interested vendors to join the very first Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) World Showcase at the SDN and OpenFlow World Congress. The Congress brought together tier-1 operators and the entire NFV ecosystem, from server to virtual network functions vendors. The live Showcase took place at the largest international meeting for the rapidly-emerging SDN, OpenFlow and NFV industry.

EANTC is a participating member of ETSI's NFV Industry Specification Group (ISG) which defined the use cases chosen for the demonstration. The Showcase focused on the critical building blocks of Network Functions Virtualization: instantiation and provisioning, portability and elasticity. The scope and use cases planned for the Showcase were driven by service providers demands and needs.

From the ample use cases list created by the NFV ISG, the following business and residential services' virtualized infrastructure were chosen:

  • Virtualized CPE Environment
  • Virtualized BNG
  • Virtualized Middleware (CDNs, Cache Servers, Load Balancers, Application accelerators, firewalls)
  • Virtualized Carrier-Grade Network Address Translation (CG-NAT)

Participating vendors, as well as multi-vendor ecosystems, worked together with EANTC test engineers to produce tangible and independently verified use cases. Afterwards, we created an industry state-of-the-art white paper and demonstrate the use cases publicly during the congress.

The showcase verification was guided by a test plan that defined the methodology by which the available solutions were evaluated to meet the goals of the Network Functions Virtualization ISG.

Please contact Jambi Ganbar ( for more details.