EANTC's Unique Acceptance Tests

Minimize the operational risks of a new network with acceptance testing and avoid expensive down times and search for failures.

Are you ready to implement your new network?
With the help of high-level network measurements and acceptance tests we can determine how your network will behave when operating at high capacity and whether or not it will be able to cope with the future demands of your customers.

Our acceptance tests will support the initial operation of your network and guarantee that requested features are really implemented.

  • On the basis of simulated traffic profiles that represent possible future demands, we can evaluate the performance limitations of your network and point out in advance any bottlenecks in your infrastructure.
  • Our experts can also check over the network design and accomplish stability and performance tests of the system using our specialised measuring equipment.
  • In addition to the planning for sufficient capacity, it is also crucial that all the components are mutually compatible. Interoperability tests will show whether it will be possible to expand the network by using products from various manufacturers without causing any difficulties.
  • We offer carriers and service provider's network quality assurance for their network services. End-to-end service guarantees are becoming more and more important for customers. We will accomplish compliance tests with service quality parameters relating to video, voice and data transmissions for a wide range of broadband technologies.

Experienced EANTC engineers will prepare a test plan, schedule and carry out the performance tests to ensure in-depth testing of all devices in your network.


What EANTC will do for you...
We will guide you through all phases of a network - from the planning to writing the RFC to the testing.

Our clients include international Internet service providers, telecommunications companies and companies from a range of other sectors e.g. Banking, insurance, the automotive industry, and transport / logistics.