Prototyping Tests

Our prototyping and proof of concept tests will give you an objective validation of different vendor solutions for your network and also help you to find the technical best solution.

EANTC will find the network to meet your needs...
Whether you build a new network or extend your existing network, you must choose the right equipment.

Before you commit yourself to a solution, we will provide you with a detailed objective network analysis of the vendor solutions. We will provide thorough checks in terms of performance and robustness and determine whether the current device is satisfying your requirements.

As a test center with many years of experience and contact with the leading manufacturers, we will be able to tell you what is possible and what is not.

  • We will verify for you whether or not the offered vendor solutions match your requirements and run comparative prototype tests.
  • We will ensure that all performance tests are identical for all vendors and that the best technical solution will be found. Our interoperability and performance tests will stretch your network with real world traffic streams based on operational data.
  • The individual parameters for the traffic streams, for example the number of active users or the used protocols, will be specified to you.
  • We will valuate the technical limits of the devices as well as redundancy and availability.

What EANTC will do for you...
We will guide you through all phases of a network - from the planning to writing the RFC to the testing.

Our clients include international Internet service providers, telecommunications companies and companies from a range of other sectors e.g. Banking, insurance, the automotive industry, and transport / logistics.