Functionality Tests

Why not show your customers just how good you are? We can help you demonstrate that your products conform with all internationally binding standards.

Are your products standard conforming? Let EANTC tell you...
EANTC uses functionality test suites, designed to investigate whether your devices conform to international standards. You will be able to demonstrate they conform with the highly regarded EANTC certificate that we aware as an independent and well renowned test lab!

We will carry out the functionality tests for you and provide support with error diagnosis. We can help you to improve the quality of your components, in turn allowing you to further reassure and impress your customers.

Why carry out functionality tests?
The purpose of functionality testing is to increase the probability that an implementation will interoperate with others in both an accurate and reliable way. However, the complexity of protocols makes exhaustive testing impractical for both technical and economic reasons.

Therefore, there is neither a guarantee that successfully tested systems conform to every aspect of the underlying specification(s) nor a guarantee that it will interoperate with every other system.

However, the successful passing of the performance tests will give enhanced confidence that the tested implementation will behave in a standards conformant manner and display a high degree of multi-vendor interoperability.

EANTC Functionality Test Procedures
To prepare for the functionality testing, the vendor will receive a PICS (Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement) and PIXIT (Protocol Implementation extra Information for Testing) proforma from EANTC. This will provide information on how to pre-configure the system under test. Moreover, this proforma will include questions about the capabilities of the implementation. This information is then used by EANTC in order to select appropriate functionality test cases.

The performance testing itself should be carried out in collaboration with the system engineer(s) of the vendor who should participate in the event. On demand, the EANTC can facilitate the functionality testing without local support; in this case a technical hotline support must be provided.

Interpretation of the Test Results
For each functionality test suite carried out, the customer will receive a written System Functionality Test Report according to standard ISO 9646. This report will include information about the System Under Test, the testing environment, the functionality status, a test procedure report and an appendix that includes all test logs. In addition, our experts are available to discuss the results in further detail.   

The EANTC network Certificate - ensure quality...
In case of positive result the System Under Test will receive a network certificate.  

Non Disclosure Agreement
EANTC binds itself to treat with strict confidentially all internal information exchanged within the framework of the performance test service. Such information will not be made available to third parties. Test results can only be made public by EANTC if the person making the order gives his/her written agreement.