MPLS SDN Multi-Vendor Interoperability
Test 2020

Hot Staging: Berlin, March 2-13, 2020


The European Advanced Networking Test Center invited all interested vendors to join our public multi-vendor interoperability test.

EANTC's showcase is a well established event beneficial for small and large vendors alike. EANTC as an independent party creates an ecosystem to conduct testing in the most advanced application scenarios addressing service providers’ needs.

We exhibited a tangible, lab-validated network showcasing mature as well as the latest advances in different technology areas. To address the constantly changing requirements in the industry we integrated new technologies with the SDN-based packet transport network, such as 400GE, 60GHz Microwave, and optical/packet based network orchestration. We aligned the multi-vendor SDN tests with the following topics:

  • 5G network evolution
  • Deeper integration of different transport domains
  • Data center connectivity and data center interconnection
  • Network automation and orchestration
  • Transport security and clock synchronization
  • Virtualized edge and access routing
  • Data transport technologies