NetSecOPEN Certification Program


Recently, the non-profit industry group NetSecOPEN announced the publication of the new global standard for next-generation network security benchmarking: IETF RFC 9411 has been co-authored by Carsten Rossenhoevel, EANTC’s co-founder, together with contributors from test tool vendors, network equipment manufacturers, and independent test labs. The advanced test methodology is aligned with today's increasingly complex application use cases.

This RFC is the basis for a new type of standardized next-gen firewall testing: NetSecOPEN’s genuinely open, unbiased, and reproducible benchmarking certification.

EANTC has been accredited by NetSecOPEN to conduct the certification. It is our pleasure to announce the start of the official NetSecOPEN security benchmarking and effectiveness certification campaign. EANTC is one of Europe’s leading independent telecoms test labs with more than 15 years of experience in firewall evaluation for network operators, enterprises, and government agencies.

The results of the independent, standards-based certification may serve as an attestation of vendor data sheets, underlining the vendor’s commitment to open standards and reproducible benchmarking. It sticks out from other programs, providing customers with comprehensive, reliable insight into firewall performance and security effectiveness.

Omdia, the renowned research and analyst firm, is NetSecOPEN’s publication partner. Omdia will create a group test report of all certified vendor solutions that will have completed testing by October 31st.

We believe open security and performance validation approaches are essential for customers and products to adapt swiftly to the ever-evolving landscape of security challenges.

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