Mobile Backhaul

Circuit Emulation, Clock Synchronization, Scalability

Mobile Backhaul is the transporting of both new and legacy mobile technologies over next-generation networks (NGN). It consists of two major elements: Circuit Emulation and packet-based transport to deliver the backhaul. Since demand for data services to mobile devices is growing rapidly the adaptation of mobile backhaul to packet based networks is key to the OPEX of mobile operators and facilitating future growth.


Service Providers

Integration of traditional ATM and TDM based devices into packet based networks and support of the stringent requirements mobile communications present must be tested and verified. EANTC offers the interdisciplinary know-how required for your network analysis and testing.


Equipment Manufacturers

Aiming to share a piece of the mobile backhaul pie hardware vendors are investing in new devices such as circuit-based to packet-based interworking function (IWF) and clock synchronization solutions. EANTC is ready to verify your devices readiness to support Mobile Backhaul services through our wide range of expertise.


Mobile Operators

Migration to a packet-based solution requires network quality assurances that the network will continue delivering the same high service level that your customers enjoy at the moment. EANTC's test solutions are able to emulate end-to-end mobile communications needs from 2G, 3G, LTE and WiMax, therefore, providing you with the knowledge that your planned mobile backhaul solution will be harmless to your customers.


Performance Test Catalogue

EANTC's Mobile Backhaul interoperability test event broke grounds in early 2008 by being the first such event to incorporate 15 leading vendors in the field, constructing and testing a mobile backhaul network based on MPLS, PBB-TE and T-MPLS transport technologies.


Circuit Emulation Test

  • In order to realize a circuit based service (circuit emulation) over a packet based network a device must perform an interworking function (IWF). EANTC has been accomplished ATM-IMA and ATM tests since the early 90s. We test IWFs of both ATM and TDM based circuit emulation types:
  • STM-1, T1, E1


Network Clock Synchronization

It is crucial that the base stations of a mobile operators network operate using a common clock. Ensure that your mobile infrastructure is synchronized by measuring jitter and wander as well as verifying your solution for both adaptive and differential clock synchronization methods (e.g IEEE 1588v2, NTPv4)


Packet Based Transport

Ensure that your packet based infrastructure provides a reliable, resilient transport services for your mobile backhaul solution by taking advantage of our MPLS and Carrier Ethernet test plans. We will verify the qualities of the transport network as required by you and the needs of your mobile backhaul implementation such as QoS, resiliency, provisioning, and scalability


Performance & Scalability

Modern edge devices and converged networks supporting triple play and mobile backhaul services are expected to provide highly scalable circuit emulation services with an assured level of performance. EANTC will verifying that your QoS implementation and configurations are operating according to expectations in addition to offering a wide range of scalability and performance testing that can emulate realistic network scenarios to truly prove the performance and scalability for either.