Test Reports


Huawei Intelligent IP & Cloud Network Solution

Empowered by NetEngine 8000 Series, ATN Series and Network Cloud Engine

Test in 2021

This report is a sequel to our 2020 test publication about the NetEngine 8000 series and the ATN910 router family. It expands on the Huawei-focused Segment Routing over IPv6 (SRv6) architecture. Huawei is a major proponent of this architecture: Over the past years, Huawei has strongly contributed to Internet standards (maintained by the IETF) defining the SRv6 framework, and has implemented the solution throughout its family of routers for service providers and enterprises. In fact, the NetEngine 8000 series and ATN910 routers are offered to service providers, cloud providers, and large enterprises alike as a converged solution.

Additionally, this test report continues with our ongoing review of iMaster NCE-IP or in short NCE-IP, the Huawei controller for large transport networks. NCE-IP is part of Huawei's strategy to increase the level of automation for network provisioning, maintenance, and optimization.

Test in 2020

Huawei commissioned EANTC to verify their intelligent IP network solution testing the commercial readiness of the solution's key technologies and fully developed capabilities for the all-service intelligent era. EANTC validated advanced aspects of the NetEngine 8000 family of routers and the ATN series, including new line card types, together with the Network Cloud Engine. The solution is designed specifically to help customers build IP networks with intelligent ultra-broadband, connections, and O&M.

It leverages NetEngine routers build E2E 400GE intelligent ultra-broadband IP networks and uses hard network slicing to guarantee and flexibly allocate the bandwidth for key services. With the industry-leading SRv6 technology, this solution provides intelligent connections, enabling fast provisioning of services (such as enterprise cloudification) and committed latency of key services. The combined use of the iMaster Network Cloud Engine and technologies such as iFIT help to support automated and intelligent O&M throughout the entire lifecycle. Our tests verified key technologies in Huawei's intelligent IP network solution.

For the first time in EANTC's history, we got commissioned to run a single test for both service provider and enterprise audiences. Huawei's unified carrier and enterprise solutions enable Huawei to offer advanced, cutting-edge technologies to both target audiences at the same time.