Test Reports


Juniper PTX Series Routers Benchmarking


Core and Peering

EANTC has been commissioned by Juniper Networks to independently benchmark two of Juniper's 400G core and peering routers – PTX10001-36MR and PTX10008. The tests were conducted remotely at Juniper Network’s Sunnyvale headquarters in July 2021 due to the Covid- 19 pandemic.

The tests focused on verifying five major evaluation criteria to meet top requirements:

  • Performance
  • Filter Scale
  • Forwarding Information Base (FIB) Scale
  • Sampling
  • Media Access Control Security (MACsec)

Juniper showcased significant performance and flexibility in configurations of the filters, sampling and MACsec. The stability and efficiency in PTX10001-36MR and PTX10008-LC1201 routers were remarkable. The maximum range of the filters supported per 400GbE port was impressive. The throughput with the maximum routes supported per IP type has demonstrated the efficient performance and capacity of PTX10001-36MR and PTX10008-LC1201. The flexibility in the sampling customization based on various packet fields using filters was notable, and the MACsec support with full throughput per 400GbE port was profound.


In another test, Juniper commissioned EANTC to independently validate the achieved capability and scalability of one of their core and peering PTX routers compared with Cisco's competitive product. Tests were conducted at Juniper's Sunnyvale headquarters remotely in August 2021. EANTC compared the PTX10001-36MR fixed form factor device with a capability of 24 400 GbE ports with Cisco 8201 as it has the same number of rack-unit and 400GbE ports. EANTC and Juniper agreed to focus on the most relevant capabilities in the core and peering router deployments: throughput performance, filtering capabilities, routing scalability, and flow sampling.